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Now that you have received your CTFS card online, it’s time to activate it. You can activate your CTFS Triangle card online using www.ctfs.com/activate website.

And here in this page, we show you how you can activate your CTFS card online using a step-by-step guide.

But, if you just want to visit www.ctfs.com/activate website right away, you can use the direct link.


Card NameCTFS
Website Namewww.ctfs.com/activate
Website URLhttps://www.ctfs.com/activate/
Bank NameCanadian Tire Financial Services
Direct LinkClick Here

How to Activate your CTFS Card Online?

Follow the steps given to activate your CTFS Triangle card online:

NOTE: This link given below is linked to the official website from CTFS. We are not affiliated with CTFS or are not collecting any info or payments from the viewer. We are just providing info about the website and how to use the website.
  1. Visit the official CTFS card activation website, www.ctfs.com/activate.
  2. Here, you can see the three options:
    1. I know my PIN
    2. I don’t know my PIN
    3. Sign in to Activate
  3. If you know your PIN, select the first option.
  4. For this, you will have to enter your card details to continue.
  5. If you don’t know your PIN, select the second option.
  6. Here, you will have to enter the card details (not the PIN), you will be asked to generate a new PIN instead.
  7. For the third option, you have to login to your ctfs.com account.
  8. Login and select your card from the listed on there and “ACTIVATE CARD” button.

Facing any issues?

If you face any issues with CTFS card activation, get in touch with their customer support.

Here’s the toll-free phone number of CTFS customer support:


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About CTFS

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Do let us know if you faced any issues with CTFS card activation using www.ctfs.com/activate website. Comment and we’ll try to help you with it.

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