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Are you an Indigo card user? If you haven’t activated your card online, it’s time you did that. And it’s easy to do that using myindigocard website.

We’ll show you how to do that with a step-by-step guide for activating your Indigo card online. We also show you how to activate your card using phone activation, click here for that.

Now, if you just want to visit directly, you can do that by using the direct link.


Card NameIndigo Card
Website Namemyindigocard
Website URL
Bank NameIndigo
Direct LinkClick Here

How to Activate your Indigo card online?

Follow the steps given below to activate your Indigo card online:

NOTE: This link given below is linked to the official website from Indigo. We are not affiliated with Indigo or are not collecting any info or payments from the viewer. We are just providing info about the website and how to use the website.
  1. Visit the official website of Indigo card,
  2. Here, you will be asked to enter your “Username” and “Password“.
  3. After that, click on the “Log In” button.
  4. You will now be asked to enter your card details, the one you want to activate.
  5. After that, you have to select the PIN for your card.
  6. Now, after entering more details, click on the “Activate” button, and your card will be activated.

How to Activate your Indigo card on Phone?

Did you know you can activate your Indigo card on phone, rather than going through the online activation process? Follow these steps for the phone activation of your card:

  1. You’ve to call the Indigo card activation hotline first, which is given below:
  2. You will be greeted with IVR.
  3. There will be an option to activate your card on the phone.
  4. Select it from the responses.
  5. Or you can go for connecting directly to the customer executive by clicking on the # button until it connects to an executive.
  6. They’ll ask you for your details and the card will be activated.

How to login to

Follow the steps given below to login to your Indigo card online:

  1. Visit website.
  2. In this page, check for the section where it’s displayed, “Log-In to our secure server” box.
  3. Now, enter your username and password when asked.
  4. And click on the “Log In” button given below.
  5. You will now be logged in to your online account.

Facing any issues?

If you’re having any issues with Indigo cards online, you can connect with their customer support for assistance.

This is the customer support toll free contact number for Indigo card:


More Card Activations:

About Indigo Card

A credit card is not only used to withdraw cash from a distributor, pay for purchases in the shop or pay the bill at the restaurant. When travelling, it also offers guarantees of assistance and insurance (flight delays, theft of luggage, hospitalization) beneficial and advantageous provided you have a high-end card or a black card.

If you are looking to build or rebuild your credit history, Indigo Platinum MasterCard card can help you. While it usually comes with interest rates and annual rates higher than the average, it also requires a much lower credit rating to qualify. Without a doubt, bad credit can put a break on your financial life. You may have problems qualifying for loans. And, often, you have to settle for higher interest rates, which can cost thousands of dollars in interest.

Fortunately, it is not necessarily condemned to a life of high rates. With a little patience and dedication to manage your money responsibly, you can rebuild your credit and finally get a better credit rating. One way to do this is through a credit card for bad credit, such as Indigo. Of course, it is always crucial to compare credit card offers before deciding. You can use our market to compare credit cards and choose the one that suits you best.

Are you thinking about applying for the Indigo Platinum MasterCard? Here is our shot:

The Indigo Platinum MasterCard credit card offers a fast approval process. That is a blessing for anyone who gets credit quickly. It also informs the three major credit bureaus, making it a solid option for those interested in establishing or rebuilding their credit. You do not have to risk your already unstable score to know if you qualify.

Benefits of Indigo Platinum Mastercard:

  • The prequalification process does not affect your credit score.
  • Keeping your account in good condition can help you establish and improve your credit
  • Once approved, you get access to your account 24 hours a day, every day of the week, even on mobile devices.
  • You get protection against fraud if your card is lost or stolen.
  • The history of the account is reported to the three leading credit agencies.
  • The annual percentage rate of 23.9% is lower than other subprime credit cards.

The annual quota for the Indigo Platinum Mastercard:

$ 0 to $ 99: the annual fee is based on your credit profile, and not everyone will qualify for the lowest-cost yearly fee.

Apply for the Indigo Platinum MasterCard

There are no excessive expenses when you apply for the Indigo Platinum Mastercard. It is just a few step processes which you can also do online.

If you tend to overspend, the Indigo Platinum Mastercard can keep you on the road due to your fixed credit limit of $ 300. Neither is a security deposit required, so you can invest more money in paying your balance while building credit.



We hope you were able to activate and login to your myindigocard account online using our instructions in this page. Let us know what you think about Indigo cards in the comments section given below.

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