How to Activate your Credit Card by Phone?

A credit card is that plastic money that has been made to make your life simple. However, when this lucky thing comes to you, it comes in an inactivated manner and it’s you who has to activate it. There are various ways that you can do it. Some people prefer to activate it online, while some of them try to activate by the offline means, or by phone.

How to Activate your Credit Card by Phone?

how to activate a credit card by phone

Follow the following simple steps to activate your credit card by phone:

1. Look for the Phone Number that Needs to be Called

There is a toll-free number that is required to be called that you will be able to find in the packet itself that you have received with the card or maybe on the card itself. This is the number of your bank that will help you activate your card.

2. Get all the Information Ready

Make sure that before calling the bank or the toll-free number, have all the information ready with yourself. The information could be your account number, name, date of birth, and billing address, pin code and so on. The information is asked so that the user is verified and no fraudulent activities can take place. It is important to have all the information handy.

3. Make the Phone Call

Once you dial the number, you will be taken to the IVR and you are supposed to follow the directions as said by the recorded line. You may have to input the information like your registered mobile number, your card number, PIN, CVV or Date of Birth that will lead you towards the activation process. It is a simple process and one only needs to be mindful enough to listen to all the options carefully.

4. Complete the Process

Once the verification has been completed, a confirmation will be sent to you and the recorded service will also let you know that your card has been activated. This is the time that your plastic money can be put to use in reality.

5. Sign the Card

Now your credit card is ready to be used. Sign your card at the back of it.

It is a very easy and convenient job to activate your card on phone and anyone can do it. There is no rocket science in that. Thanks to the banks that have made everything come so easy to people that there is hardly any chaos in pursuing anything. If you are still having any issues, you can anytime call your concerned bank and it will be resolved.

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