How to Activate a Credit Card Online?

None of us is unaware of the relevance that credit cards bring to our lives. You name something, and your credit card can buy it for you. There has been a kind of dependability that these cards have made that lets us buy anything and everything in an equated monthly installment option (EMI). So, when you have been lucky enough, and you have received your card, the card isn’t activated by default for security purposes, and hence you are supposed to activate the card on your own.

How to Activate a Credit Card Online?

how to activate a credit card online

Follow the following steps to activate your credit card and get the privilege to use it throughout your life:

1. Your card always comes with the activation information

There will surely be a website that needs to be visited where the card is supposed to be activated. There might be a sticker on the card where the website has been revealed, or you might find it in the packet that has come with the card. Once you visit the website, a homepage will open up that will ask you for fill in the relevant details.

2. Creating an Account Online

Right by filling some of your personal information like date of birth, address, email ID, account number, and so on, you will be able to set up an account. There are chances that either you have been given your ID for which you have to generate a password or set up an altogether new username and password. One of the possibilities also says that you are not necessarily supposed to set up an online account to activate your card. There are other ways of doing it.

3. Login to your ID

You log in to your new ID and password to activate your credit card post which you can use the same account that keeps a record of all the transactions and bills that have been generated so far. It is no less than an account that keeps all your precious information in one place.

4. Enter the Required Information

You will be taken to a series of pages where you will have to submit the information like your credit card number, your name, CVV, expiry, and much more than you see on the credit card itself. All of the information is relevant so that your account gets set up without any chaos.

5. Submit the Information

As soon as you have filled all the information, reviewed the information, submit the information and your credit card has been activated now.

6. Confirm the Activation

This is one of most important part of the activation, no matter what the card has already been activated, you will be receiving a confirmation email, or they might call you to verify if your card has been successfully activated. This is how you get to know that it’s only you who has activated the card and it is not under any theft. You can right away block the card if it wasn’t you who have activated.

Now that your card has been activated make sure to use it wisely.

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