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So you received your Green Dot card in mail and you want to get it activated online? Now activate your card online using website.

Here in this page, we’re showing you just that, with a step by step guide on how to activate your Green Dot card, you can get your card with Green Dot easily.

But, if you don’t want a guide and you just want to visit website, use the direct links.

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How to Activate your Green Dot card online?

Follow these steps to activate your Green Dot card online:

  1. Click on the below given button to access website.
  2. Now, you have to enter your card details on the space given.
  3. Enter the correct details and click on the “Continue” button to continue to the next step.
  4. Now, you will be asked to confirm your name and some more details.
  5. After that, click on the “Activate Card” button to activate your card now.

Facing any issues?

If you’re facing any issues with Green Dot card activation, get in touch with Green Dot customer service for help.

Here’s their toll free number of Green Dot customer support:

(866) 795-7597

More Card Activations:

About Green Dot

A Green Dot Card is a prepaid credit card that you can use to build your credit. Prepaid credit cards work by loading cash deposits into it. They are then used as if they were a regular credit card. However, you will only be able to charge up to the amount of funds that you have loaded on the card. You do not have an additional line of credit.

Prepaid credit cards are usually for people who have a bad credit history and cannot get a normal credit card. Maintaining a positive credit history with your Visa Green Dot card is an excellent way to put your credit report back in good condition.

Steps To Activate Green Dot Card:

  1. Open the package of your Visa Green Dot card and locate your activation number. The activation number will usually be on the back of the package or in the instructions that come with the card. If you do not have the package or instructions, it is also on the receipt below where it says “PIN.”
  2. Enter your email address and contact information on the next page.
  3. You will create an account for your Visa card, so you will have to enter all the necessary information. Once you have finished you must enter the information, click “Next.”

How To Use Green Dot Card:

Deposit money on your Visa card. If you have online banking, you will be able to transfer funds to your Green Dot card. Even if you are not going to deposit funds electronically, you have to enter your bank details since you will be charged a purchase fee and a monthly activation fee. After setting up your account, you will be able to add funds to your card by calling Green Dot or by logging into your website. Your card is now activated. Once you have sufficient funds, you can start using it.

the technology of the “Green Dot Card” appears to help in the financial and services market for both business and government clients, so you can make secure purchases online by purchasing them without revealing your bank information, for example with the Prepaid will not be able to enter into credit card debt or overdraft charges with Punto Verde.

The cards can be used as debit cards or credit cards, under certain conditions. “Green Point Card” is headquartered in Monrovia, California under a license from Visa USA Inc. International Service Association.

Benefits Of Green Dot Card:

  • The benefits can be numerous as to pay off a debt with prepaid cards one`s do not have to make any additional payments or bear hidden costs. This prevents the accumulation of additional interest.
  • The students and teenagers can benefit from prepaid cards as they learn to work under a specific budget; in the case, he is going away to college, parents can load his Green Dot card with money to help them with their expenses; namely, a prepaid credit card can work like an own bank.

Now that you know more about Green Dot cards, it’s time you activate your Green Dot card online, and here in this page, we have mentioned just that. Scroll up to read how to activate green dot card without social security using activate (or platinum greendot com activate website)!

We hope you were able to activate your Green Dot card with our step by step guide here. Do let us know in the comment box if you faced any issues with website.

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