– Confirm your American Express card online or phone

Are you an American Express customer looking forward to activate your card online? You can now do that using website.

Here in this page, we have a step by step guide for confirming your AMEX card online.

Use the direct link to directly access confirmcard website. You can also confirm it through phone, read on for that.

Card Name American Express Card
Website Name
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Bank Name American Express
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How to confirm your American Express?

Follow the steps given below to confirm your American Express card online:

  1. Click the button given below to  access the official website of American Express to confirm your card online.
  2. Here, you will see a credit card style designed page.
  3. Enter your card info here when asked.
  4. After that, click on the “Confirm” button.
  5. Now, if the card details matches, you will be asked to login to  your account.
  6. Enter your username and password to login.
  7. If you don’t have an account with them, continue to create a new account using “Create a new account” option.
  8. After logging in to your account, you will be asked to enter more basic contact info and more.
  9. Enter that and your card will be confirmed.

How to Confirm your AMEX card on phone?

You can also confirm your American Express card on phone using their card confirmation hotline.

Here’s the toll free AMEX card confirmation hotline:


Call this number and follow the instructions they mention in the call.

Facing any issues?

If you face any issues regarding confirming your American Express card (online/phone), you can reach the AMEX customer support.

Here’s the customer support toll free number for American Express card confirmation:

  • 1‑800‑954‑0559 (US)
  • 1‑801-449-4019 (Outside US)
More Card Activations:

About American Express

It is tough to imagine the modern world without plastic money – Cards, be it debit or credit, have become an integral part of all monetary transactions today. Mastercard and Visa cards rule the market but the ‘card’ that started it all still rules the roost, the ‘AMEX’ the American Express card. The two-century-old company has kept up with the times, setting trends, reinventing itself with the times and spreading its wings across the globe.

An Anerican Express history lesson

Back when the need for sending packages between cities arose and the US postal service was only delivering letters, several people started the small business of Express Delivery. Such services delivered money and small and large parcels. But these were not reliable regarding timely delivery and volume.

Seeing the need for a reliable service, William G. Fargo and Henry Wells merged three companies and formed the American Express. The company which started with this partnership in 1844 still rules the financial world today.
The early journey

American Express had its own delivery system run via a network of horse-drawn stagecoaches. As time went by, they realized that the banks around them trusted their services very much. This prompted them to gradually change into a financial company who began to issue money orders.

But it is the invention of the Travellers Cheque which turned the company into a powerhouse. When J C Fargo once traveled to Europe in 1890, he found it difficult to get cash in hand. An annoyed Fargo then asked Marcellus Flemming Berry to invent a better way to carry some money while traveling, one that would be recognized by banks across the globe. Thus, was born the Travellers Cheque, which ruled the financial world until the invention of the credit card.

A few facts

  1. All Amex cards begin with the number 3, which is a significant identifier in the industry (MII).
  2. The American Express Money Order was introduced in 1882
  3. The American Express Travelers Cheque was launched in 1891
    American Express first stepped out of American soil in 1895 with its office in Paris.
  4. The England office was opened in 1895 and the Germany office in 1898.
  5. The American Express company stopped shipping packages in 1918.
  6. The first credit card was issued in 1958. It was a charge card which meant that the payment had to be done every month.
  7. The first Gold Credit Card was issued in 1966. This was targeted at the elite travelers.
  8. The company introduced the first Platinum Credit card in 1984.
  9. There is an Urban Legend about an American Express Black Credit Card which is given by invitation only. This is super-secret and given only to the uber elite.

Today, The American Express is a market leading service company providing travel, payment and expense management to individuals and business. The company has over 112 million card members, 18 million Amex accepting merchants, over 120 bank partners spread across 130 countries. This makes it one of the worlds largest card issuers and the worlds largest travel network.


I guess you were able to confirm your American Express card using Do let us know if you were able to complete the confirmation process online using the comment section given below.

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